Three things you need to know about International Street

Naha is the city center of Okinawa, and International Street (Kokusai) is the busiest street in Okinawa. There are hundreds of souvenir shops, fashion retail shops and restaurants on the two sides of the road.

Question: How long is International Street?

Answer: It is actually a 1.6km street ranging from Naha City Prefectural Office North exit cross junction to Asato Road. You can stop at Kencho maes, Miebashis or Makashi Yui station and still be at International Street.

Question: Why do you have such a long shopping street?

Answer: During the WW2, the American soldiers occupied the city area. Okinawan could only gather at the current International Street area which was then outside of the city area and do all types of trading. After the war, shops started mushrooming out, thereby resulting in this so-called “Miraculous 1km shopping street”.

Question: What is so special about the opening hours in International street?

There are many shops that open until 11.00 at night. There are some restaurants that are open until 2-3 am.

NameNaha City Tourist Information Center
How to goStop at Miebashi station, walk along ... to Kokusai Street. Walk about 5 minutes.
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