Let’s go island hopping at Okinawa! (day trip only)


Nagannu Island is a small no man’s island (uninhabited) that lies about 15km west of Naha.The water is so clear and the whole island is covered with beautiful white sand! This is also a place where you can find migration birds, sea turtles and large hermit crabs but you won’t get to see them as such areas are marked off as environment conservation and is off limits. Do take note that this island is often crowded in peak period. However, you will definitely enjoyed yourself

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Find your ideal beach in Okinawa!


There are many beautiful beaches in Okinawa. Hence which one would your ideal one, one that you could laze and swim around for many days and wish that it will never end? Read on to find out. 1)  Your dream beach- One …

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Recommended romantic okinawa beach holiday getaway for two!


Planning a romantic getaway with that special person?- this is it, the couple plan. All in 1 day! Recommended place to stay- Definetely a resort hotel! e.g Renaissance Resort Okinawa Morning First stop: Breakfast at the beach side under the …

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Can you swim in Okinawa in winter season?

Okinawa seaside and beaches are open for swimming and other sea activities from april onwards. However the temperature of the waters in the sea is about 21 degree Celsius in the beginning of april and about 23 degree Celsius in …

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Top beaches in Okinawa

North Okinawa Beaches Minna-jima Island  Emerald Beach Yagaji Beach Okuma Beach Sun Marina Hotel Beach Renaissance Beach Fuchaku Beach Moon Beach Central Okinawa Beaches Araha park Beach  Ginowan tropical Beach Maeda Beach Zampa Beach Sunset beach, Mihama South Okinawa Beaches Bibi …

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