New editions of popular traditional okinawa snacks

If you had been to okinawa several times and sort of sick of getting the same snacks as souvenairs each time you end you trip, why not explore the following alternatives: 1) Chinsuko – salted sesami   A nice blend …

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What are the popular Okinawa snacks i can buy as souvenirs?

There are 5 main types of popular okinawa snacks. 1) Chinsukou Make of high quality lard and black sugar, this is a simple but delicious sweet. It had a light taste profile with an authentic traditional okinawa snack taste. Price: …

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Delicious parfait and sweet dessert in Okinawa

As an island lying in the hot tropics, one of the specialities of okinawa is its tropical fruits and of course dessert makes  from them! A) Fruits: Pineapple Dessert: Big Pineapple Parfait This pineapple parfait is actually 37cm tall! It is a …

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Delicious Fast food at okinawa

If you are yearning a bit of that familar fast food taste after numerous japanese meals, these are the recommendations:

1) A&W Masaminato shop

2) Jeff Tomishiro ten

3) Booraa

4) Nagamoto Tempura shop

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10 must eat Okinawa dishes

1) Okinawa soba Most popular okinawan noodles 2) Champuro Champuro is a dish that is unique of okinawa. It is basically a mixed of everything and is of a chinese cooking style. One very interesting champuro is goya champuro. Bitter gourd …

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Best way to enjoy okinawa soba!

Okinawa soba is a local noodle dish that is unlike udon or ramen. Its signature is the pork and bonito blended broth and buckwheat noodle. The pork slices (often soki (soft pork cartillage) toppings is the easiest way to identify that it …

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Special edition fast food sets available only in chain restaurants in Okinawa!

Check out these special fast food sets in okinawa! 1) Tacos Roll at Okinawa fumirimato chain Price 315 yen (Good for takeaway) Bite into the rice roll (onigiri) and taste the tacos that is hidden right inside!The cheese mixed with …

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Okinawa Soba for less than 500 yen!

Check out these 7 selected restaurants for their delicicous Okinawa soba for less than 500yen! 1) Soki soba Name of shop: Inaga Kousetsu ichiba mese ten This shop just recently increase its price to 500yen from 350 yen which they havent …

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