1) Okinawa Lodging- Best Resort


a) Renaissance Resort Okinawa- A great family resort. The dolphins are a great draw, plus the massive of marine activities that they have.
B)JAL Private Resort Okuma Okinawa- This is a great place for the nature lovers.
C) Kanucha Resort Okinawa-The place for golf lovers. The breath taking scenery is another great reason why you should stay here.
D) Kafuu Resort-A great place for one to relax and enjoy the beautiful beach
E) ANA Intercontinental Manza Beach Resorticon- newly opened in 2009, a great venue for weddings. The beautiful scenary are also a great place for a honeymoon vacation
F) Club Med Ishigaki-All inclusive resort where you can eat,drink and have all the fun you want! You also get to enjoy the beautiful Kabira beach on Ishigaki Island.
G) Hotel Nikko Alivila Yomitan resort- Lots of Okinawan cultural activities which makes this resort unique.The colonial style building also match well against the backdrop of a beautiful blue sea.
H) Okinawa Marriott Resort & Spaicon- They have a great spa facility. Plus the beautiful rooms and garden pool will make you want to stay in the hotel all day long.
I)Daiwa Royal Zanpamisaki Hotel Okinawa-located near Cape Zampa where it is famed for its sunset view, you can get a great sunset view too in the comfort of your hotel room.
J) White Road in Nagahama- Specialty lodging that comprises entirely of cottages each with their picturesque ocean view. You will have an unique experience of literally living near the beach in a luxurious manner.

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Deluxe hotels

1) Tokyo Daichi Grand Mer Hotel Okinawaicon- Boutique style hotel that combines the relaxation you find in spa and resorts and conveniently located near tourist spots.
2) The Beach Tower Okinawa-iconGreat location with the sunset beach just in front of the hotel and near to American village. If you stay on the top floor of the hotels, you can have a spectacular views of American village at night
3)Terrace Garden Mihama Resort- This hotel plant their own vegetables where they serve to their guests! Some of the rooms actually comes with a jacuzzi bath!

Beach hotels/Guest house

1) Okinawa Ocean Front hotel- Best mid price range beach hotel in Okinawa. It offers an ocean view, a jacuzzi bath and a spectacular sun set view. There are many great restaurants, izakaya and supermarkets around the hotel. It is a great place for long stay as kitchen and washing facilities are available. Free bikes are available on request.
2) Sunset Beach houseicon- A nice beach house that is so close to the beach that you can have breakfast overlooking the sea.
3)Guest House Iriwa - You will feel really at home and cozy at this guest house on Ishigaki Island. The friendly atmosphere and the beautiful beach view makes a real relaxing casual beach vacation.
4)Guest House Kasiwaya -Apparently this is the first guest house to open in Okinawa. If you don’t have much budget but wants a very convenient hotel this will be the top choice. Great for meeting people too.
2) Okinawa Lodging-Best City Hotels

1) Loisir Hotel and Spa Tower Naha- A city hotel that has the luxurious sea view.
2) Okinawa harbour view crown plaza -A spa like hotel which is located right in the city center. Hence you can shop and have fun and recoup back in your hotel. You can also be sure that you will have a good night sleep here.
3) Tokyu Bizfort Naha -This is a business hotel chain. On top of basic amenities, they offers top level service (free coffee, auto check in machine, special design mattress) which is out of range for a business hotel. They also have ladies only floor to cater to ladies travelling alone.

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3) Okinawa Lodging-Hotels near to Churaumi Aquarium

1) Yugafu Inn Bise- 5 minutes walk to Churaumi Aquarium. Great ocean view for all rooms. You can also share onsen facilities available in Mahaina Wellness hotel.
2)Chisun Resort Okinawa Churaumi- 5 minutes walk to Churaumi Aquarium. Rooms have balcony so that one can enjoy the sea view to the maxium.
3) HOTEL MAHAINA WELLNESS RESORTS OKINAWA-1o minutes to Churaumi Aquarium. They have great onsen facility

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Okinawa lodging- Hotel bookings website

1) favourite site for booking hotels on line. Good price, wide collection of hotels and easy navigation.They offer competitive prices on the various hotels too. Recommended if you are planning to book hotels in Okinawa.

2)Rakuten Travel-This site has the biggest collection of hotels in Japan. The only cumbersome part is it is afterall more tailored for the japanese.However, they have the most detailed and best rates for hotels in okinawa. Check out their promotion deals which are updated nearly every week.

3) Booking Buddy-They have many great saving deals which you need to sign up their newsletter and be alerted on it. However the collection of hotels in Okinawa are pretty limited.

4) site if you are booking for hostels. Most competitive rate. However it is limited to hostels/guest house only and choices are limited.

5) Another of my favourite site. Easy to navigate and use. Competitive price too. Recommended for booking of hotels in Okinawa.


1)Okinawa: The History of an Island People-A great book for you to understand the unique culture and history of Okinawa- An essential read to understand the unique okinawa culture and history

2)Okinawan-English Wordbook- A handy tool  for you to get around in Okinawa. Okinawa language is different from Japanese although most people in Okinawa speak and understand Japanese.

3) The Architectural Map of Kyushu Okinawa-Let you know the architecture information of buildings in Okinawa
Handy Map of Okinawa Naha Nago Kadena Air Base- A map that helps you get around the Kadena Air base.

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