Recipe to make Okinawa Soba

If you just can’t get enough of Okinawa Soba and thinking of making it when you are back home from your holidays in Okinawa, we have the following recipes on Okinawa soba for you:

Ingredients needed

okinawa soba ingredients

Ingredients for the noodle
1) Carbonated water

– Water (200cc)
– Sodium bicarbonate (1 small teaspoon)
– Salt (1 small teaspoon)
– Egg (1 piece)

2)  Flour for dough
– Bread Flour (400g)-
– Salad oil (1 cup)
Ingredients for the soup base
-Pork bones (1.5kg)

-Pork belly (250g)

-Water (3 litres)
-Dried bonito(1 ½ cup)
– Salt (1 tea spoon)
– Soy sauce(1 table spoon)

-Pork belly (300g)

-Sugar (3 tablespoon)
-Soy sauce (3 tablespoon)
-Awamori (3 tablespoon)
– Kamaboko (Japanese fish cake) (5 slices)

-Green onions (few)
– Red pickled ginger (according to taste)
– Japanese dried red pepper (according to taste)


okinawa soba noodle making

1) The first step is to make carbonated water. Put sodium bicarbonate, egg and salt into bowl and whisk it. Add in water little at a time to completely dissolve the mixture.

okinawa soba noodle making

2) Put in bread flour into bowl. Add in carbonated water from step 1 little by little into the bowl . Knead the dough of firm texture.If the texture is too hard, you may add in some water to soften the texture.

okinawa soba noodle making

3) Take the dough out from the bowl and knead it on its own (probably on top of the kitchen table or where ever appropriate) for about 20 mins. Knead it to like a stretchable cloth texture.

okinawa soba noodle making

4) Flatten the dough in 3) and put it in a plastic bag. Leave it at room temperature for 2 hours.

okinawa soba noodle making

5)  Divide the dough into 5 portions. Using the roller, press the dough to spread it to be of 1-2mm thickness

okinawa soba noodle making

6) Sliced the flatten dough into thin strips of 5-8mm width as the noodle will expand when it is boiled in water.

okinawa soba noodle making

7) Use your hand to detangle the noodles strips.

okinawa soba noodle making

Of course if you think it is too much a hassle to make the noodles, you can always buy it online.Click here if you want to order it online.
icon. It is a japanese website but they do ship internationally.
8) Bring water to a boil. Put in a pinch of salt and the noodles. Cook it till the noodles float to the top. Change water if it becomes cloudy due to the cooking of noodle. The noodle should be cooked for about 1 min and 30 sec.

okinawa soba noodle making

9) Drained noodle and cool it with Fan

okinawa soba noodle making

10) While fanning the noodle, stir in salad oil into the noodle in the bowl. This will complete the step in making noodle in the okinawa soba.

11) The next step is to make the soup base for okinawa soba. To remove excess fat, cover pork bones and pork belly with water, bring to a rolling boil, drain and rinse. Add 3 litres water to bones and pork; bring to a boil. Cover and simmer 30 minutes. Skim off foam and simmer another 30 minutes

12) Remove bones and pork. Cut pork belly into thick slices of 1cm each

13) Add bonito flakes to broth in step 11)  and boil for2 minutes. Strain discard flakes. Add salt and soy sauce; simmer 2 minutes.

14) Put the sliced pork belly together with sugar, soy sauce and awamori in the pot. Simmer it for 5 minutes.

15) Sliced green onions. Pour in soup 13) and pork belly toppings in 14). Garnish with green onions and red ginger. Add a dash of red dried pepper to taste.

okinawa soba

Courtesty of Naha publishing for the book Yuko Yasuda’s cooking school-Ryukyu ryori

If cooking is not your cup of tea, you can opticon for ready-to-cook okinawa soba. To order Click here. For more cooking recipes for japanese ramen and soba, you can check out this recipe book Takashi’s Noodles by chef takashi



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