Let’s go island hopping at Okinawa! (day trip only)

Some perfect spot for 1 day island hopping itineraries:

1) Nagannu island (20 mins from Naha port)

naganu island okinawa

Nagannu Island is a small no man’s island (uninhabited) that lies about 15km west of Naha.The water is so clear and the whole island is covered with beautiful white sand! This is also a place where you can find migration birds, sea turtles and large hermit crabs but you won’t get to see them as such areas are marked off as environment conservation and is off limits. Do take note that this island is often crowded in peak period.  However, you will definitely enjoyed yourself thoroughly with all the marine activities at Nagannu Island!

You can do the following activities:

i) Ocean under water walk

nagannu island okinawa ocean walk

You are given a helmet that comes with oxygen supply which allows you to breathe while you stroll happily underneath the sea (about 5m deep). This activity allows people who can’t swim to enjoy the spectacular under water view in Nagannu too. However, for kids who are below 8 years old or with a shoulder width of or below 40cm will not be allowed to participate in this activity for safety considerations.

Fee: 5000 yen for 50 mins

ii) Snorkeling

snorkelling okinawa nagannu island

You touch the amazing beauty of nagannu ocean as you swim through the waters. This makes a great family activity as kids above 6 years old are allowed to participate. One good thing about joining this snorkeling tour is that you can swim outside the designated area as an instructor will be guiding the tour.

Fee: 3800 yen (including equipment fee)

iii) Double-Tube

nagannu island marine activities okinawa

The japanese name for this activity is called double tube (which i am not sure why it is called that) but basically it is a donut size float that sits two. Your adrenalin pump as you ride the waves and plunge in the water slightly.The float moves in a very fast speed so get ready to get drenched!

Fee:3000 yen (10 min)

iv) Dragon boat (Banana boat)

dragon boat nagannu island okinawa marine activities

You tour around the sea in a tube like looking float and you have to hold on tight to avoid being dump into the sea! It is more scary if you sit at the back as you can’t see what is going on in front.

Fee:1500 yen (10 min)

iii) Diving

If you are thinking of diving in this island, do check out this site


As there are no residents at Nanganu Island (uninhabited), there are some ground rules which visitors should take note:

-Swimming is only allowed in designated area. If you want to swim outside these areas, you must be accompanied by a qualified swimming instructor

-If you want to snorkel in the designated swimming zone, please put on life jacket at all times.

-Please do not leave any rubbish or things you want to throw away at the island. Please bring them together with you and you can dispose it when you reach okinawa main island.



To contact:

Kabushiki Tokashiki company
3-chome, Naha, Okinawa Maejima Tomarin 1F 25-
Tel: 098-860-5860
Day tour
Fee: 5200 yen
Total hours required- 6 hours


2) Minna island- 15 mins from motobu

minna island okinawa

(Photos courtesy of hishijp 2006)

Minna Island (or minna jima) is a small island off the coast of Motobu. It is only 15mins by ferry from Okinawa mainland and is actually very near to churaumi aquarium. The name Minna island actually means “insufficient water)

It used to be uninhabited until 1903. It is now more like a “tourist place” with only about 60 people residing.

Minna island is famous for its clear blue sea where sea jellies and turtles are clearly visible. It is also well known for its beautiful white sand that is as fine as granulated sugar. A very popular place for divers.

Activities you can do:

1) BBQ


minna island bbq okinawa

(Photos courtesy of Froschmann_)

Isn’t a great idea to have a bbq by the sea? Especially after you have a fun day at sea, it will be really nice to end the day with a beer and some meat. For those who are not so crazy over bbq stuff, you can opt for taco rice or curry yakisoba.

Fee: Included with most plans for Minna island tour or diving packages.

2) Diving for beginners


minna island okinawa diving beginner

If it is your first time trying diving, you can opt for this as you get one-on-one guidance from a qualified instructor. The maximum participants is 2 person per instructor. This is good for people who can’t or not good at swimming. Before you start this diving course, they will give you a very detailed instructions on diving and have a trial dive before you get the real thing in the water. A great way for diving beginners or people who can’t swim to enjoy the beauty of the clear waters in Minna Island!

Fee:8000 yen

3) Snorkelling

minna island okinawa snorkelling

The easiest way to enjoy the beautiful waters in minna jima is to snorkel! For the beginners in snorkelling, you can practise and attend a talk before you start. If you are not too confident with your swimming skills, you still can snorkel as you will have to put on life jacket.

Fee: 3000 yen

4) Clear Kayaking

minna island clear kayaking okinawa beach

This is something you must do when you are at minna island. As it is an all clear kayak, you got to see the beautiful sea of minna island one glance.

Fee: 4000 yen


To contact:
1) Nago city X-trip
Tel: 098-51-8888

2) Mermaid Pte Ltd

Address: 905-0026 Okinawa Prefecture. kunigami-gun Motobu town AZA Jian Jian 35–3

Tel: 098-835-1958


Website : www.minnajima.com 

(Website is in japanese, but you can use google or bing translator to view it in english)

Fee: Half day course/1 day course: 8000 yen onwards (including activities and BBQ)

Time required: Half day course- 4 hours, 1 day course- 7 hours


) Komeka island (15 mins from chinen sea port)


1) Banana boat

Fee: 2000 yen for 15 mins (You can ask staff to adjust the speed of the boat to your liking)

2) Diving

A chance to swim with the fish

Fee: 12000 yen for 1 diver (12 years old and above only)

To contact:

Chinnen sea port center
Tel: 098-948-3355
Time: 5 hours

Fee : To and fro boat trip (2500 yen)

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