Five signature Okinawa souvenirs you must get

1) Tropical fruits-Mango

One of the signature tropical fruits of Okinawa is Mango. There are many variations of products made from mango-ranging from jam to vinegar drink.

The signature/classic version of mango is from Miyako where the mango taste is often thick and sweet. It is often sold as mango jam or jelly. Although it tastes different from eating the fruit, it is still a good way to savor the delicious mango taste.

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a. Mango jelly


Price: 1500 yen (5 pieces)

It has a nice mango taste and the spongy feel makes one wants to gobble up the whole pack of the jelly! The nice packaging also make it a good souvenir to bring home.

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b. Mango jam

Price: 997 yen

It is made of lots of mango juice and flesh that reeks of natural mango. However i must say you got to be one that really likes mango to appreciate this jam. It has a very exotic taste and some may feel that the taste does not really bland well with bread. But if you like mango, then that is another thing all together.

c. Mango vinegar drink 

This is Vinegar drink made from fermented fruits. Vinegar drink is actually a healthy drink that you can find all over in okinawa. Some say one of the secrets to the longevity of many okinawans is this which can be counted as healthy diet. Vinegar drink has a rather yucky taste (at least to me) so the mango taste makes it easy to drink.

Price: 945 yen for 200ml

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Shop nameWashita shop honten
AddressNaha City kunoji 3-2-22
How to go220m from Kencho mae station
Opening hours1000-2200
Rest dayNo
ParkingFirst hour free for spending above 2000 yen

2) Traditional art

Traditional Okinawa craft, like glass and dyeing fabric, using old traditional methods, are updated and modified to look fashionable and modern. Lovely as gifts.

a. Tote bag with pocket

Price: 1995 yen

The color picture of Ryukyu style against the white canvas background really makes this stand out. A nice tote bag that i guess you might even buy one for yourself.

Shop nameRyukyu uchi hiki glass kyari ki stone
AddressNaha City kumoji 3-1-10
How to go150m from Kencho mae station
Rest dayNo
ParkingFirst hour free for purchases above 2000 yen

b. Glass

Price: 1764 yen

This is essentially a wine glass. However, the cute wave-like pattern will probably make the drink tastier!

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3) Strap

It was worn as an accessory by the fishermen in the olden days, as it resembles fishing nets wed in boats. Today it is more of a fashionable traditional accessory.

4) Shi-sa

This is definitely one of the best representations of Okinawa souvenirs. There are many variations so it is easy to buy as souvenirs.

T-shirt price: 2600 yen

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Shop nameHaku box Naha shop
AddressNaha City Matsao 1-2-4
How to go210m from Kencho mae station
Opening hours1000-2200
Rest dayNo

Mini shi-sa couple

White shi-sa price: 2700 yen

Shop nameBijou box
Opening hours0900-2200
How to goIt is near Makishi station, walk along International street. It is near Naha IAL City Hotel. Takes about 10 minutes.
Rest dayNo

5) Seasoning

These are key reasons for the special signature Okinawa taste. When you miss Okinawa, or you want to share memories of your Okinawa trip with your friends, just whip out these seasonings and you get your Okinawan dishes.

a. Koregusu (chili oil for cooking)

Price: 735 yen

Chili soak in awamori. You can add this to stir fried dishes. Enhances the taste of the dishes immediately.

b. Pineapple dressing

Price: 630 yen

The fruity pineapple taste will mix well with all salad dishes.

c. Ishigaki pepper

ishigaki pepper

Price: 525 yen

Salted pepper from Ishigaki. Adds flavor to the taste in dishes.







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