How to take public bus in Okinawa

Step 1: Check the number of the bus that you wish to take (front top left) Step 2: Take a ticket from the machine This is a ticket from off base bus. The ticket number is 7. Step 3: Match …

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Is it easier to travel around okinawa in bus, taxi or car?

The most convenient transport is rental car. Yui railway only travels in the southern part of the island and it doesnt cover a lot of spots. If you are travelling mainly in the southern area, where you only intend to …

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Traffic signs you need to know when driving in Okinawa

No overtaking No entry for cars Slow down Highest speed No parking One way Stopping allowed Pedestrian only Bikes allowed

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How to travel to Naha City from Naha airport?

There are several ways to travel from the airport to Naha city: Arrival at Naha airport: 2 floor arrival gate Alternatives of transportation: 1) Taxi Location: Level 1 Est distance from airport to main city area: 5km The starting fee at …

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How to travel to Okinawa?

One of the best way is by airplane. There are many flights from the various parts of japan (ecept hokkaido) to okinawa via plane: North 1) Sendai- Duration: 3hrs 15mins Fee (average)-50600 yen Frequency- 1 flight per day East 2) …

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