Okinawa Fruits Land

Although it is called Okinawa Fruits land, you don’t find just fruits here. This place is separated into 3 main zones: The tropical fruits zone, bird park and butterfly park. There are more than 30 types of fruit trees like …

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See the earliest Japan sakura blossom, first in okinawa!

Sakura blossom in Japan starts the earliest in the southern region. Hence sakura season in Okinawa starts during late January. When the sakura starts blooming in the northern part of okinawa, it also means that sakura matsuri had officially started …

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0 yen educational sightseeing tour

Sounds too good to be true? Well, they really will not cost you a cent. Plus you learn something too! 1. Orion beer Mayo Factory   The Factory tour to Orion beer is actually the main reason some people go …

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Fly in the sky in Okinawa

If you are in Okinawa, you will have a thousand ways to get close to the beautiful blue Okinawan sea. As for a close experience with the blue blue sky, you can always try Blue-Sky. It is not a parachute. …

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Let’s go island hopping at Okinawa! (day trip only)

Nagannu Island is a small no man’s island (uninhabited) that lies about 15km west of Naha.The water is so clear and the whole island is covered with beautiful white sand! This is also a place where you can find migration birds, sea turtles and large hermit crabs but you won’t get to see them as such areas are marked off as environment conservation and is off limits. Do take note that this island is often crowded in peak period. However, you will definitely enjoyed yourself

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Recommended weekend getaway Okinawa beach holiday for family! (3 nights 4 days)

If you are planning a family holiday at Okinawa, we have a suggestion for you. All it takes is 3 nights and 4 days for you and your family to sample the great fun in Okinawa!         …

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Recommended romantic okinawa beach holiday getaway for two!

Planning a romantic getaway with that special person?- this is it, the couple plan. All in 1 day! Recommended place to stay- Definetely a resort hotel! e.g Renaissance Resort Okinawa Morning First stop: Breakfast at the beach side under the …

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10 things you must do in Okinawa

1) Beach activities 2) Eat okinawa soba! 3) Island hopping 4) Visit American village and kadena airbase 5) Try spam and champuro- taste the influence of chinese and american cooking 6) Stay in a hotel/resort near beach 7) Okinawan festivals …

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All you can eat pineapple at Pineapple House

If you love pineapples, you will feel like in heaven when you are in Nago Pineapple park! This what it says on the site how you can tour around the pineapple park Hence first, you can take their cute looking …

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Must see World Heritage places in Okinawa

1) Nakijin castle ruins Tel: 098-56-4400 A propserous North empire castle before Ryukyu empire. Only second to shuri castle in terms of size which show case its power during that time. 2) Shuri Castle Tel: 098-886-2020 The castle for Ryukyu …

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