10 Most Recommended mega Beach resorts

(For more hotels in okinawa, please refer to http://www.sugoiokinawa.org/okinawa-top-hotels-listing/)

Mega beach resorts would have a full menu list of all the beach activities (like parasailing) and wide variety of food. Some of the top choices are as follows:

1) Renaissance Resort Okinawa

icon renaissance resort okinawa japan


You can have all the fun here! From swimming with dolphin to simple relaxation, this hotel provides all the necessary service. Renaissance hotel have many features/service that is unique to its own. From the Thalassa spa that you can find only in Okinawa, to the 7 restaurants each with its own different themes, top with the ocean view in all rooms.

Good point 1- The beach is just right at the doorstep of the hotel. Hence things are made convenient when you want to step out and enjoy the sea.

Good point 2-Breakfast is japanese style where you can eat to your heat’s content. You can even stayed on after breakfast to have tea in the cafe!

enaissance resort okinawa breakfast restaurant

Good point 3: Family Theme rooms!

enaissance resort okinawa beach room inside

renaissance resort okinawa bath room

Colourful rooms with the ocean theme is definitely going to wow your kids! With connecting room features, it is definitely making the stay at renaissance a very convenient one.

renaissance resort okinawa balcony family

You got kids chairs too at the balcony so the whole family can enjoy tea together.

The hotel even provides pyjamas and amenities for kids! so sweet of them.

renaissance resort okinawa kids pyjamas

Pyjamas for kids

renaissance resort okinawa kids amenities

Amenities for kids

Good point 4-What beats that a swim with the dolphin! It will be such an awesome experience that you will make a promise to visit the dolphin again.

dolphin swim renaissance resort okinawa

Under the theme of “Learn and play with dolphin” by the Okinawa Marine Research center (OMRC), there are several kinds of dolphin programs held throughout the day.

1) Shining dolphin

A rather queer name, but i guess it is called this to describe the energetic dolphin swimming under the morning day light in the sea.Apparantly dolphins are most cheerful and energetic in the morning. It is a morning activity so you will have to wake up early in the day as activity starts at 8.30am.

Duration:20 minutes

Fee:  1000 yen for 4 years and above. Free for 3 years and below. Preschoolers must be accompanied by an adult.

2) Dolphin Wave

swim dolphin renaissance resort okinawa

You get to experience as a dolphin trainer for this activity. The 1st hour is spend learning about ecology,breeding and habits of dolphin. Thereafter you get to swim with the dolphins acting like their trainer.Don’t worry, the trainers will be around to help you.

Period for activity: Every monday, Tuesday, thursday and friday for the following


Fee: 16000 yen

Duration: 2 hours

Time for activity to start:9.30am

3) Dolphin Encounter

dophin encounter okinawa renaissance resort japan

After a short talk and lecture on dolphins, you get to get close and personal with the dolphins in knee depth water! As the water is shallow, kids can participate in this activity though.

Time for activity to start:13:13

Fee: 7000 yen

Duration:40 minutes

Preschoolers must be accompanied by adult.

4) Dolphin Tamatebako

dolphin hand touch okinawa renaissance resort japan

This is a great family activity and you get to have a close view of the adorable dolphins! As the dolphin trainers explain about the dolphins, the dolphins will participate and perhaps gives you a splash of water. Very fun activity

Time for activity to start:14.30

Duration:30 mins

Fees:1500 yen for 4 years and above. Free for 3 years and below

If you stay for 3-4 nights in this hotel, you are eligible to join the hotel club whereby you will be able to enjoy amenities like onsen or lunch at special discounts.

Read reviews on Renaissance Okinawa resort

Standard single:

1 night with breakfast18,700 yen
AddressOnna village Yamada 34252
How to go46km from Naha airport (5km from Ishigawa IC) Airport shuttle bus available.
Check in/out timing1400/1100
Parking200 (Free)
Rooms392 (single, 346, suite 15, Japanese 14, others 17)

2) Hotel Nikko Alivila Yomitan resort

nikko alivia okinawa japan

This hotel boast of a spa that overlooks the yomitan sugarcane field. Colonial style exterior background by deep blue sea and sky certainly make this one of the must-stay hotel.The impeccable service adds cherry to the topping for this fantastic hotel.

nikko alivia sea

Great sea view at Nikko alivila

nikko alivia sunset

The beautiful sunset at Nikko Alivila beach


Good point 1: There are lots of greenery you can see here in this hotel. Tree huggers would have a field day here. You can see the emerald sea out of the windows. Serenity at its highest, you can just sit alone and enjoy peace of mind in front of the sea.

nikko alivia trees walk okinawa japan

Walk way lined by trees.

nikko alivila okinawa japan hammock

The greens and the breeze in the trees makes a good nap in the hammock

nikko alivia garden

You can take a nice walk in the garden in Nikko Alivila hotel

nikko alivila trek stairs

A nice trek in the woods, climbing the stone stairs.

nikko alivia lovers cape okinawa japan

According to legend, if you go to the lovers (koibito) cape and shout the name of your love, you will be blessed with romantic love with the guy/girl of your dreams. You can try it out at the cape if you are staying at Hotel Nikko alivila.

hotel nikko alivila pigeon trees

If you are lucky, you might even spot a pigeon among the trees while you are staying at Hotel nikko alivila

Good point 2: This hotel is filled with exotic and artistic atmosphere that other high quality hotel lack.

nikko alivila okinawa

Colonial style terrace cafe

nikko alivia

Colonial style stairs mixed well with the flowers and the clear blue sea

ikko alivia yomitan youth festival

Yomitan Youth performing for one of their festivals. Nikko Alivia held such cultural events to infuse the cultural heritage of Okinawa for the hotel guests.

Good point 3: You can enjoy Okinawan breakfast that is healthy for the body yet delicious. Traditional Okinawan cuisine set that claims to have medicinal healing effects cost 2310 yen. There only limited number of sets per day.

nikko alivia okinawa healthy breakfast

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Standard suite

1 night including breakfast18900 yen
Address600 Gima,Yomitan village, Nakagami-gun
How to go36km from Naha Airport (15km from Ishigawa IC). Airport limousine bus available
Check in/out1400/1100

3) Kanucha Resort Okinawa

iconKanucha resort resort okinawa


This hotel stands by a big field that transcend cliffs and has a river that flows through it. There are 19 types of accomodation, 9 buildings, 3 pools, golf greens, restaurants and shops. The smallest room here is 49.6m square wide. The beach with its natural beauty is truly captivating.

kanucha resort resort sea view

The spectacular view

There are many types of room to choose from:

kanucha resort deluxe family

Kanucha Resort deluze family

Kanucha resort okinawa japanese style room

Kanucha Resort Japanese style room

kanucha resort orchard room

kanucha resort palm towers

Kanucha Resort palm towers room

kanucha resort okinawa whirlpool

Kanucha resort room with whirlpool

Kanucha resort superior twin

Kanucha resort superior twin

Good point: It is about 60 tokyo dome size. It had a breath taking landscape, what with the red clay of okinawa siting together with the greenery and the blue ocean. As it is really big, you can borrow a drive cart to move around.

You can take the shuttle bus provided by the hotel to move around the resort

kanucha resort bus

or the cart

kanucha resort cart

You can also try out this interesting segway walker. It is available in a shop called berry located inside the resort. For a fee of 1000 yen, you c an try this out in the resort for about 15 mins. For longer duration, you can opt for the 6500 yen course.

kanucha resort segway transport

Good point 2: You can enjoy delicious Ryukyu kaiseki here.

okinawa kaiseki

Good point 3: It has a a fantastic golf course that has a champion course golf course that even golf players raves about. Have great fun at golf in a resort.

kanucha resort golf course

The famous golf course is about 800,000 sq meter, which is literally huge! Sitting next to native forest overlooking the pacific ocean, playing golf here is truly heavenly!

kanucha resort golf course

The golf course is of championship calibre of 72 par and 18 holes. You can choose either seaside course (10-18 holes) or village course (1-9 holes). If you want to complete the whole 18 holes it will probably take you 4-4.5 hours.

kanucha resort golf course

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North wing block standard suite

1 night 2 days (including meals)25725 yen
AddressNago City 156-2
How to go80km from Naha airport. (IC 20Km). Shuttle bus from airport. (Appointment required, fees apply)
Check in/out:1400/1100
Parking300 (free)
No of rooms315 (Single 104, suite 44, cottage 6, others 61)


4)JAL Private Resort Okuma

iconjal resort okuma okinawa japan


Hear birds chirping and breath in the fresh air in this hotel. Surrounded by plants, you can enjoy to the fullest yanborau’s nature beauty.

yanbaru hike

Yonbaru’s forest and white beach surround this hotel, its cottage and restaurant.

jal resort okuma beach okinawa

Good point 1: You can camp near the seaside.A lot of outdoor fun

JAL resort okuma okinawa camp beach

JAL private resort okinawa okuma beach camp

You can take a break or just chat with friends in the tent

jal resort okuma okinawa beach camp

Enjoy the blue sea and white sand beach to the fullest! Play beach soccer or canoe and enjoy the breeze even in the night!


(Only 1  beach camp for one group per day)

Cost: 5000 yen per person. Includes tent, table, chairs and cooler box.One person is given 2 bottles of drink)

Good point 2: Cottage has a modern design and a wide verandah that overlooks a garden. A total private space where you can enjoy serenity and peace.

jal resort okuma grand cottage

JAL Resort Okuma grand cottage

jal resort okuma grand cottage terrace

The terrace of JAL Resort Okuma grand cottage

jal resort okuma garden villa

JAL Resort Okuma garden villa

jal resort okuma garden villa terrace

The terrace of the garden villa

jal resort okuma palm okinawa

JAL Private resort okuma Palm villa

jal resort okuma palm resort terrace

The terrace of Palm Villa

jal resort okuma junior suite terrace

The terrace of JAL resort Junior Suite

jal resort okuma suite terrace

The terrace of JAL resort Suite

Good point 3: It has one of the best private beach. Afterall it is Yonbaru, where you has nothing but beautiful green sea.

jal private resort beach okinawa japan

Good point 4: The resort caters to the specials needs for different groups. Everybody can have a great time at JAL private resort okuma!

a) Hotel guests who wants to bring their pets dogs and enjoy yanbaru together!

It is quite sad if you leave your pet dog alone at home or at a pet hotel while you go on that fantastic vacation, let alone okinawa! JAL private resort Okuma is really considerate to have a villa that is specially catered to dog owners!

Besides rooms where dogs are allowed to stay, the hotel actually have several activities to keeps your pet dogs happy for the vacation too!

jal private resort okuma dogs garden

Yanbaru is surrounded by natural greens and trees. This dog run is build so that the dogs can enjoy the green view when they are having fun running around in this special area for them

jal private resort okuma dogs garden walk

You can walk with your dogs in the beautiful gardens in the hotel!

jal private resort okuma surf dogs

or surf with your dogs to enjoy the beautiful blue sea!

jal private resort okuma dogs room amenities

They also have amenities for the dogs! so cool!

b) The elderly and handicap

jal private resort okuma elderly handicap toilet

Some of the villas actually installed in toilets that is for the elderly and handicapped. The rooms are also levelled for easy manouvoure of the wheelchair.

c) Hotel guest who like sports or marine activities

jal resort okuma golf


jal resort okuma cycle


jal private resort okuma stand up paddle

This is a new marine activity in the resort called stand up paddle. Rental for the stamd up paddle is 1050 yen for 30mins. If you want to learn how to paddle, you can learn from a coach. Cost is 3050 yen per person.

There are many sports and activities that you can do in the Hotel. If you purchase the okuma club, there are lots of discounts and you will be able to do some activities for free. The Okuma club cost 5000yen. They also has a kids club where kids can do activities too.

D) Hotel guest who love the nature

river trekking yanbaru okinawa

River trekking at Yanbaru area. Takes about 2 hours 30 mins for the whole river trek. Cost is 4200 for adult and 2100 yen for children.

yanbaru forest adventure okinawa

Yanbaru forest adventure. Basically you walk through the trek in the forest and you could see birds, insects and plants of all kinds on the way. The walk takes about 1 hour and 30 mins. Cost is 2625 for adult and 1575 for children. Do take note that this activity starts in 9am in the morning.


Kayak at the mangrove forest in Yanbaru. Wade through the mangrove and see the natural in a different angle. A very fun adventure that takes about 3 hours. Cost is 7350yen for adult and  4200 yen for children.

Read reviews on JAL private resort Okuma

Standard suite

1 night including breakfast18000 yen
How to go1000 km from Naha airport (30km from IC)
Check in/out1400/1100
Parking150 (free)
No of rooms184 (cottage 13 blocks, 148 villa, otherss 36)

5) The Beach Tower

The beach tower okinawa japan

This hotel is located in american villlage and thus is near to the beach (sunset beach) and shopping street.You can have one of the best sunset view here.

the beach tower okinawa japan

the beach tower sunset beach okinawa

the beach tower sea side

the beach tower sunset beach okinawa

Good point 1: 24 storey tall which means you can have a private, clear view of the beautiful sun set

the beach tower okinawa highest level


the beach tower okinawa best view suite


the beach tower sky suite


the beach tower okinawa sky suite

the beach tower okinawa sunset view

the beach tower okinawa corner room

the beach tower okinawa

Good point 2: You can have a luxurious choice between outdoor onsen, pool or onsen.

the beach tower onsen okinawa

the beach tower onsen okinawa

the beach tower onsen okinawa


the beach tower onsen female

the beach tower big bath room

the beach tower pool okinawa

the beach tower sauna okinawa

beach tower okinawa

the beach tower okinawa onsen pool

the beach tower okinawa night

Good point 3: You can stay together with your pet. How cool

the beach tower okinawa pet room


the beach tower pet room okinawa


the beach tower okinawa pet



Read reviews on The Beach Tower

Standard suite

1 night with breakfast11500 yen
How to go25 Km from Naha airport. Airport shuttle bus available
Check in/out1400/1100
Parking186 (free)
No of rooms208 (Single 54, suite 173, others 53)


Other good mega beach resorts worth checking out are:


6)Zampamisaki Royal

Read reviews on Zampamisaki Royal Hotel
7) Rizzan Sea Park Hotel Tancha Bay


Read reviews on Rizzan Sea Park Tancha Bay

8) Laguna garden hotel


Read reviews on Laguna Garden hotel

9)Sun Marina Hotel


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10) Kariyushi Beach Hotel


Read reviews on Kariyushi resort


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